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School Annual Report

Now, let me, with the almighty in my heart take up my duty, of presenting the school annual report of the academic year 2011-12.

The academic session began on June 1st 2011 with a student strength of 862, teaching staff of 46 and non teaching staff strength of 19.

Our greatest achievement of this academic year is the much dreamt visit of the honourable General Secretary Sri Vellappally Natesan Sir to inspect our school.With great pleasure, I share with you my happiness at the sanctioning of Rs.1½ crores for the growth and development of this institution of ours. I take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for this magnanimous gesture of his.


Asoka Panicker sir has been entrusted with new responsibilities this year and now ,being the school incharge ,he has taken up his responsibilities with great sincerity.His regular visits,his whole hearted support in presence,deeds,his interest and enthusiasm in every activity of ours,keep us inspired to excel.


For long, had we cherished  the dreams of a full fledged and independent kids unit for imparting a totally varied but effective learning experience to the tiny tots of our school. This was turned into reality this academic year with the whole hearted support of Sri Oachira Suresh Sir ,our former school in charge and mentor and he has been with us for 11 years .I take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to you sir and pray that your support and guidance remain with us ever.
Our new kids world occupies the north eastern corner of our campus. Each room is a world in itself – colourful, resourceful, attractive, sealing the bonds of teaching and learning.
Further more the Compugen enhanced  learning package is developed on the basis of much acclaimed  concept of seeing, recalling  and learning .

AISSE 2010-11

Our children,entrusted to us  by the Almighty have always received the best of care from us and this time too our efforts were proved in gold engravings to be treasured for ever

 We have presented 45 students and have achieved 100% success.
The top scorers with A1 grade in all subjects are Vikranth D, Aswathy P, Akhil Kumar H and Greeshma K. Kumar

Next in line are Nadiya Ibrahim Kutty, Kiran B. S, Vipul Vijayan, Akhil S. Nair and Subin. S with A1 in 4 subjects and A2 in one subject.  Sabeena A Hameed, Sooraj S, Akhil R and Vishnu V came next with A1 in 3 subjects and A2 in 2 subjects.

Our Summer Programmes

Summers are time for activities and a four day summer camp under the banner of Capital Concerns Pala was held  on  26th, 27th, 28th and 30th May 2011 for classes IX and X  in Stress Management, goal setting, time management, public speaking ,study skills, communicative and presentation skills by Sri. Nijoy P Jose Zonal President JCI and his team.
In addition, we have had regular Yoga sessions for Class IX & X by Yogacharya  Sri. M. P. Nair, Secretary Alleppey District Yoga Association to help students fight obesity and childhood diseases which are basically stress related.

The educator enrichment and enhancement programme

Real educators are those who pursue their studies through out their life time. Our teachers participated in several refresher courses organized by various agencies to help them kept familiar with the novel trends  in the teaching learning process.

The Programmes are

1 .In Summer,  a team of our English teachers have attended a refresher course conducted by Oxford University Press under the capable leadership of Smt. Shela Subramaniam.

2.Our computer teachers have attended a two day workshop conducted by Compugen, Chennai at the beginning of this academic year.

3.A team of our maths teachers have attended an orientation programme sponsored by Vanchinadu Sahodaya.

4.Our teachers have regular counselling and meditation sessions by Brahmakumar Rajesh Mohan.
All these programmes helped our teachers to focus better in their fields

 Guidance and Counselling Programmes for Students


To promote life skills,our alma mater has always provided innovative and enriching programmes for all age groups.

Programmes for the academic year 2011 – 12 are as follows :-

1.Counselling classes in ‘Personal Improvement’ for Class VII and VIII in the month of August by Sri.. Nijoy P Jose Head Zonal President JCI

2.A legal awareness class by Adv. Hakkim in the month of November for Class IX.

3. A session on Super memory techniques,time&stress management ,TV,Computer, Mobile ,Internet addiction among children and the methods to overcome it  by Dr.Murali Mohan ,Director Mind Vision Edapally for classes VIII , IX & X ON February 10th

Enrichment programmes for parents.
 Excellence in parenting requires a great deal of understanding oneself and also of the children.

  1. Parents of Senior students have attended a session on “The Art of Parenting”by Sri. Nijoy P Jose , Zonal President JCI in the month of May .

     2. On 26th August parents of class VII & VIII have attended an awareness class   on ‘Effective parenting’
     3. On February 10th parents of Senior students have attended a session on “Behavioral and learning defects in children  and the methods to overcome it” by      Dr.Murali Mohan,Director Mind Vision Edapally

Continous and Comprehensive Evaluation

We have implemented the CCE system from 1st standard onwards from this academic year.
We have conducted FAI, FA2 , SAI, FA3 & FA4 examinations in addition to regular class tests, assignments, seminars, projects, presentations etc. SA2 will be conducted in the 3rd week of March.  We have already conducted two pre board exams for class 10.

Visit of Inspection teams from CBSE

A visit from our ultimate authorities ,the CBSE board, a note of acclaim on our workings from them certainly inspires us to climb up still higher rungs  of the ladder of success.
We had two such visits this academic year .
First being the CCE inspection team on 29th November 2011 and next being the team for upgradation on 11th January.
“Well structured system, innovative activities
Well groomed students, well structured curriculum”
These remarks speak for our devotion and commitment in each and every activity,be it academic,extracurricular or sports.We trust in the blessings of the Almighty, who have and will guard our ventures now and ever .Thanks to the efforts of our student staff teams.


The soul of our school lies encrypted within the four walls of our library.The congenial environment provided for the students has helped them to bond better with books.This year too, we have stocked our shelves anew with books worth Rs.25000/-

Celebrations and important events.

Our Almanac  is regularly brightened by celebrations in remembrance of important year marks like  Teachers day, IndependenceDay,Onam,GandhiJayanthy,KeralaPiravi ,Children’s day and Christmas.
The Independence Day celebration of this year was flagged off by Sri.M Liju,Youth Congress National General Secretary.
His message was truly inspiring and did instill the young hearts with the spirit of patriotism .For,we believe that learning to love and respect ones country would wipe away every trace of corruption and violence from the world of ours.

World Environment Day ,Hiroshima Day,Ozone Day,Un Day ,Wild Life Week,Human rights Day, Alzheimer’s Day ,World Diabetic day,AIDS Day were also observed.Talks,Presentations,Quiz hours,debates,declamations and seminars being the agenda for each event.


          Sports is the life breath of academics for, it promotes a healthy sustenance of body and mind. The true sportsman spirit, the will power to multitask and the right attitude to live in harmony with the world around        is definitely achieved by a child who grows up in a balanced environment of sports and academic.

Our achievements of the year

Our students Rojin R Jacob, Roshan R Jacob , Muhammed Ijas and Abad Muhammed have participated in the District and State level shuttle badminton tournament.

Their achievements are
  Rojin Rajan Jacob,our budding star has made us proud with his brilliant display of skills and was declared Alleppey  District Champion under 11.
Roshan and Rojin – Quarter Finalists ( Single ) at state level under 13
Roshan and Siyad—Champions in Karunagappally Younix Club Shuttle tournament
Rojin And Ijaz – runners up in the same tournament
Roshan R Jacob – The best promising player Award
                       Cherthala Shuttle Badminton Tournament

Rojin and Ijaz  -- Doubles champions under 13. Chegannur shuttle badminton tournament by citizens club

    The sports meet for the academic year was held on October 13th and 14th respectively.
A housewise basket ball match was held for boys &girls under categories IV & V on 9th February.
The winners are Krishna house from category IV and Yamuna and Krishna house from the category V.
The Arts fest was on July 28th 29th & 1st August .
In the house wise Arts Fest & Sports Meet Krishna house has come first with 515.2 points ,Yamuna house second with 484.3 points & Ganga house 3rd with 478.7 points.

Vanchinadu Sahodaya Arts Fest

A team of our students have participated in the intershool Arts fest conducted by Vanchinadu Sahodaya and have brought laurels to our school.The achievers are

Anandu Aravind  - Class IX – 3rd prize in mridangam

Varsha S Pillai  -  Class IX – 3rd prize in Hindi recitation

Kalyanikutty  - A grade in folk dance

Varsha R  -  A grade in folk dance

Krishnapriya -  A grade in mono act
Our school team has won the 3rd prize in group singing competition.

District level yoga competitions
A team of our  students have participated in the yoga competition conducted on 28th November 2011. The winners are
Sub Junior Boys
Unnikrishnan        --  II Prize
Akshay . A            -- III Prize

Junior Boys
Sreenath S Kurup  -- I Prize
Jessen S Punnan – II Prize
Akhil P – III Prize

Junior Girls
Nayana Rajan – I Prize
Vandana  -- II Prize
Sruthi V Sreedhar -- III Prize

PCM Scholarship Examination

222 students have appeared for the PCM scholarship examination from our school. 89 students have secured A grade with scholarship and the remaining students secured B grade.

Mullaperiyar Issue

We nurture our children to become part and parcel of the larger society outside our doorsteps.Hence we do organize awareness programs to inform and educate them ,the various issues of the current times.The programmes in a nut shell
1. Documentary on Mullaperiyar
 2. Power Point presentation
3. Silent Prayer in candle light to the Almighty to save the lives of many
4. Processions with placards in the campus & oath taking


The 6th issue of our school magazine was released on 31st January by renowned literateur Sri. K.K. Sudhakaran.  Sradha is the first entrychit for our children into the print world of creating, editing and publishing.


Tours and trips are informative, at the same time enjoyable. We have organized trips to Mysore, Thiruvanathapuram, Varkala and Veegaland for both the senior and Junior students.

SAM VIT 2011
This year  we could provide a very innovative experience for our senior students

We took our students of class IX and X to the All India Science Industrial and Cultural exhibition (SAMVIT 2011) conducted in connection with the NAVATHI CELEBRATION OF SB College Changanassery.  The mathematical creations and real life settings of Jurassic park were the highlights of the day.

Club activities

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step .
Our children have a long way to go for which they need to educate and equip themselves with know how,current affairs,social, individual and life skills
Our clubs functions framing a clear definition of goals.The award goes to
The best club – Social club

First runner up –Health & Wellness club,Drama club

Second runner up – Science club

Special awards

Best awareness programmes - Health & Wellness club

Best educational trip– Science club

Best informative activity – Newspaper club
These Friday festivals help us to take up a wide range of activities offering a lot of awareness to our little ones.
Our 12 little club teams together chart out our achievements.I congratulate all the club members and the teachers in charge for the sincere efforts.

ECA Classes

Art and art forms are synonymous to peace and prosperity , beauty and harmony. We have certainly sliced in this inevitable facet of life too into our curriculum.

Special Programmes for the year under ECA
An interactive session along with an enactment of Kalyanasaugandhikam by Kalamandalam Rajeev and his team was definitely a programme par excellence which catered to the emotional needs of every child. The sensitivity towards our heritage art, Kathakali was instilled in each and everyone of them without fail.


                      This era of unrest and violence  demands self protection skills in
                       the younger  generations.So inaddition to the regular arts and  
                       sports we have introduced   ‘ Shotocan’ a configuration of  judo
                       karate and kalari. The faculties represent    KO-IN-CHI
                       Academy of martial arts which is  recognized by the
                        World Karate   Federation.


It is not just the inscription which reads English medium” but the very environment of ours,conducive enough to promote language learning among our students.The structural framework and guidelines created and shared by ILM Bangalore “Veteran English Language Promoters” have immensely helped our youngsters to practice and move up the ladder of language proficiency.The daily, weekly and monthly programmes promote listening , reading, writing and questioning skills in the children.
Thanks to the faculty
Brilliant Tutorials

Talks are going on and we are positive that we will have an extensive coaching centre under the guidance of the “The Brilliant Tutorials Chennai ” from the month May .This would give the children a better edge in the competitive examinations they have to appear in future.


 Charity is money donated for a good   cause . Charity is action against evil practises
We have always tried to inculcate in our children noble feelings like sympathy, magnanimity and readiness to help the needy by giving them opportunity to organise  awareness programs and collect funds for voluntary organizations.
We have contributed an amount of Rs. 10000/- to Keraleeyam , a charitable government organization who work hard to rehabilitate children who are the victims of AIDS.


Student centered subject wise smart classes from NIIT by the year 2012-13

E Guru Interactive Classrooms, a revolutionary new offering from NIIT based on CBSE curriculum will empower by the year 2012 – 13.This move will certainly increase the impact of the teaching – learning process by making learning a more meaningful experience for children and teachers.


A child takes birth and toddles in homes but the real growth and development takes place in their second homes,their alma maters.And we with pride in our hearts and confidence in our strides do humbly acclaim that our efforts have marked the pinnacles of glory and greatness in our children.The Almighty’s grace ,the whole hearted support of our management,the co operation of our well wishers and the parent community have made this crowning glory possible.

Thank you Thank you very much

Co - Curricular Activities

The various sports, arts and literary activities planned by the school provide ample opportunity for the student’s for sell expression. Maximum participation according to their aptitudes, skills and talents is ensured.

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